Who We Serve


Franchisors, guardians of a franchises most valuable asset: the brand. They often face fragmented adoption of brand standards.


Manufacturers, working within Distributed Dealer Networks, often lack the ability to reach consumers directly with their value.


Multi–Locations, running a Corporate-Owned Network lack the resources to adapt to the needs of consumers.
Clients We Serve

Our Platform

Manage your network with Centermark, the world’s first Distributed Marketing Automation platform, that automates and informs integrated local and national marketing strategies. Create a national brand, national product, and national message that adapts to the unique needs of each city, town, state or province.
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What You Get

Centermark makes multi-channel marketing easy by putting you at the center of your
network’s marketing activities through 5 Core Benefits.

YBN drives calls and emails across your network through building your local online presence in all of markets you serve. Be found wherever your customers look, in the best position, at the best price, and with your most effective message. How we Increase your Discoverability

YBN gives your network the tools to know what works, what doesn’t, why, and how to fix it. Through the power of Centermark technology you and all of your locations will be better informed for decisions from where to invest in new locations to whether your traditional media advertising is effective. How we provide Insight into Your Network

With YBN’s Centermark you can grow your network with more locations without having to hire dozens of overhead staff just to keep up with communications, management and performance of the network – we take care of that for you! How we Scale your Business

YBN’s Centermark puts data at the core of its strategy. Through data analysis across your network we understand what drives the best results - whether it’s the seasonality of buyer behavior, the actions of a competitor, or the effect of new technologies. How we Optimize your network

Be “bold”. Be “serious”. Be the premium choice for the “price-conscious customer”. The key to building a brand is making it consistent everywhere it’s presented. Centermark ensures that your messaging, brand appearance, and values are consistent across the web - and at every location in your network. How we provide brand control

Our Product

With YBN’s suite of products you are able to implement and oversee your entire web infrastructure, and gain incredible insight into what’s working and what’s not in your network.


Through our proprietary technology, we build websites at scale, bring qualified leads to your network, and provide actionable marketing intelligence in real-time. Learn about YBN’s cutting edge technology